Program Specific Requirement
2023 JUPAS Admission Requirements 
Subject and Level Requirements
Program English Language Chinese Language Mathematics (Compulsory) Liberal Studies Elective 1 Elective 2 Specific Subject Requirements
M1 /M2 can be accepted in place of an elective
BEng / BSc and BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP) [JS5901] 4 3 3 2 3 3 Biology or Chemistry or Physics or Combined Science or Information & Communication Technology
BSc in Environmental Management & Technology (EVMT) [JS5812] 4 3 3 2 3 3


No additional requirement


2023 JUPAS Score Calculation and Subject Weighting 
Subject Weighting
Program English Language Mathematics (Compulsory) Specified Subjects Other Subjects*
x2 x2

Best Science Subject

x2 for Best Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Combined Science;


x1 for Information & Communication Technology

Best 3 Subjects

x1.5 for M1/M2

x1 for any other subjects

x2 x2   x1 for Best 4 Subjects
* Other Subjects include Core Subjects, Category A electives, M1/M2


2022 HKDSE JUPAS Admission Figures On An 8.5-Point Scale*
Weighted Score
Program Highest Attainable Median Lower Quartile Average Level of Preferred HKDSE Subjects^
BEng / BSc and BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management (T&M-DDP) [JS5901] 80.75 67.25 62.75 Science subjects/ICT: level 5*
Mathematics/M1/M2: level 5*
BSc in Environmental Management & Technology (EVMT) [JS5812] 68 39.5 33.25 English: level 5
Mathematics, Elective subjects: level 4

* The scores presented here for 8.5-point scale are based on the following conversion scale of subject levels/grades to scores for 2022 Entry:
Category A Core/Elective Subjects 5** = 8.5 ; 5* = 7 ; 5 = 5.5 ; 4 = 4 ; 3 = 3 ; 2 = 2
Category C Other Language Subjects A = 7 ; B = 5.5 ; C = 4 ; D = 2.5 ; E = 1

^ Average level of preferred HKDSE exam subjects demonstrates the level of competence of admitted students in the subject area. Science subjects refer to HKDSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Combined Science.

Non-JUPAS Admission Requirement 
Program Specific Requirement
Senior Level Mathematics, and One Senior Level subject from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Studies, Statistics


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can students directly admitted into IPO / cross-school programs switch to another major after completion of the first year of study?

Yes. Students admitted to IPO programs through Program-based Admission would be eligible to join the major selection exercise of any one of the Schools running the program if they wish to switch their major. He / She could choose and declare a single School for major application as far as he / she fulfills minimum entrance requirement of the School. Please contact program colleagues for more details.

IPO students who wish to switch to another major offered by Schools not running the IPO programs, can apply for program transfer according to the University procedure and regulation. Those who want to continue the admitted program after the 1st year can stay.

Will my study be seriously affected if I switch to another major after the first year?

The 1st year curriculum of IPO’s major will include general courses that are common to that of other Schools, so that students switching to majors of other Schools will not face major credit deficit after the 1st year. We hope to ensure that students admitted to a program can change their mind after discovering their real interests and abilities in the 1st year.

Is there any enrollment quota for Program-based Admission and School-based Admission?

The number of students admitted via School-based Admission would be at least equal to the number of students admitted via Program-based Admission.