JUPAS Scholarships

To recognize the academic achievements of students, the Interdisciplinary Programs Office offers top-up scholarship to HKDSE students admitted via the JUPAS scheme. JUPAS students admitted to the Interdisciplinary Programs, i.e. BSc in Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT, JS5812) and BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management (T&M-DDP, JS5901), who have attained 5** in one or more Category A subjects or M1 / M2 in one single sitting of HKDSE will be granted top-up scholarships.


The maximum scholarship limit for each student is full tuition plus HKD55,000 allowance per annum. The amount as shown in the following table has included the University Scheme of JUPAS Scholarship. Students do not have to apply for the scholarship. Details are as follows:


HKDSE Subject Requirements

Total Scholarship Amount for Students Admitted in the 2021/22 Academic Year

(University JUPAS Scholarship included)

6 subjects or above with 5** "Full tuition fee plus living allowance of HK$55,000" p.a., renewable for normal duration of study
5 subjects or above with 5**

"Full tuition fee plus living allowance of HK$27,500" p.a., renewable for normal duration of study

(For students admitted to T&M-DDP, they will have an extra of HKD27,500 living allowance p.a., renewable for normal duration of study)

4 subjects with 5** Full tuition plus HKD50,000, one-off
3 subjects with 5** Full tuition plus HKD30,000, one-off
2 subjects with 5** Half tuition plus HKD15,000, one-off
1 subjects with 5** HKD15,000, one-off


Students do not have to apply for JUPAS Scholarships. The University will identity qualifying JUPAS entrants and inform selected students of the scholarship awards in due course.



  1. Mathematics Extended Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) and Mathematics Extended Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus) are also counted as independent subjects in the subject requirements of the Scholarship Scheme. Results for Applied Learning subjects (Category B) and Other Language subjects (Category C) are not considered in the Scholarship Scheme.
  2. Only HKDSE results in one single sitting is considered.


Scholarships for Students with other qualifications 

Selected students admitted with other qualifications such as, IB Diploma, SAT, GCE AL etc. may receive scholarships from IPO. Details will be sent to eligible students individually.