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How to balance energy, climate and GDP
Prof. YE Qi from Division of Public Policy spoke in a TV interview on global energy shortage, particularly the situation in China as the country’s economic growth has slowed down and winter is fast approaching. He also touched on whether renewable energy could be the next major source of power in China, saying the overall coal consumption is expected to see a steady decline.
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Young Chinese fall out of love with marriage
Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN from Division of Public Policy was interviewed on a poll which shows young mainlanders are increasingly reluctant to get married. He said the result highlighted the mismatch between individual and societal expectations.
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As Asian nations open up, where is travel allowed – and how can I do so safely?
In an article on pandemic travel advice, Division of Environment and Sustainability Adjunct Prof. Joseph KWAN said mask-wearing is an effective and much-needed protective measure as long as the pandemic is still ongoing.
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Philippines torn between LNG and renewable energy
In an article on whether the Philippines should import liquefied natural gas as its major energy source after depleting its natural gas reserve, Division of Environment and Sustainability Assistant Prof. Laurence DELINA said it should take the chance to transit to renewable energy sources.
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How Evergrande's rags-to-riches founder is trying to save his empire
In an article on the debt crisis of Evergrande Group, Senior Lecturer of Division of Public Policy Prof. Donald LOW said a government bailout would be seen as “a massive subsidy for the rich,” and may undercut China’s effort in promoting common prosperity in the country.
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Policy Address clears way for political, economic change
An opinion piece by Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist and Adjunct Prof. Christine LOH on how the Cheif Executive’s Policy Address has prepared Hong Kong for positive political and economic changes.
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Driver's Seat on Hong Kong’s Future
Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist and Adjunct Prof. Christine LOH described Chief Executive’s latest Policy Address as a “watershed” in Hong Kong’s political and governance development in an opinion piece.
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Vehicle Speed Limit VS Air Quality
In a TV news on Paris’ recent introduction of a 30km/h speed limit on almost all the city’s roads, Division of Environment and Sustainability Research Assistant Prof. CHE Wenwei said the measure addresses more of a safety concern. Meanwhile, she introduced PRAISE-HK, a mobile app providing real-time information on air quality and health risk down to street level in Hong Kong.
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How Can Hong Kong "Decarbonize the Airport"?
In an article on Towngas’ provision of sustainable aviation fuel for airlines looking to reduce carbon emissions, Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist Prof. Christine LOH said Hong Kong will need to think of how to “decarbonize the airport” and the city could look for a stable supply of greener fuels from Mainland China.