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Hong Kong investors give China carbon market a vote of confidence
Chief Development Strategist from Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Christine LOH and her business partner had participated in the first cross-border transaction involving CCERs (China Certified Emission Reductions), a voluntary form of carbon emission credit that has yet to catch on with overseas investors.
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Finding Common Ground in Sino-US relationship
Prof. Ye QI from Division of Public Policy wrote an article by on Sino-US relationship.
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More Than Money Needed To Help Families Grow
Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN wrote an article on the incentives of China’s three-child policy.
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How We Can Achieve Carbon Neutrality
In an article on how carbon neutrality may be “greenwashing” in disguise, Division of Environment and Sustainability Adjunct Assoc. Prof. Calvin Lee KWAN said carbon neutrality could be achieved through reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy, using new technology to reduce emission, investing in activities that could absorb carbon emission (such as planting) and emission trading.
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Coronavirus won’t just go away. Here’s how Hong Kong can learn to live with it
Prof. Donald LOW from Division of Public Policy wrote an article on Hong Kong’s Covid-19 strategy, saying officials should focus on encouraging people to protect themselves by getting vaccinated – not through even more stringent restrictions on social activities and travel since he believed Covid-19 will be with us forever and we need to learn to live with it.
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Wide public support needed for city's commitment to carbon neutrality
Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist Prof. Christine LOH wrote an article on calling for the Hong Kong community to support the carbon neutrality goal.
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Net-zero carbon emissions by 2050?
Prof. Davis BOOKHART from Division of Environment and Sustainability introduced HKUST’s solar panel system in an article on Hong Kong’s net zero carbon emission goal in 2050. He said the University has installed solar panels at over 30 locations on campus and is looking to wrap up the installation by fall. On the reduction of carbon emission, he said the ratio of renewable energy in HK’s total electricity mix could be expanded through creative ways to incorporate renewables into existing and new locations to achieve such goal.
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In Need of Clear Definition for Criminalizing Doxxing
Co-director of Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management Prof. HUI Kai-Lung wrote in his column about the Hong Kong government’s proposed bill to criminalize doxxing, urging for a clear definition of the act and the extent to which it protects personal data privacy.
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Singapore’s Central Bank Chief Views On Different Social Issues
In an article on Singapore’s central bank chief Ravi MENON’s personal comments on social issues, LAPP Director and PPOL Prof. of Practice Donald LOW said that his suggestions should not have made a big deal and people can discuss issues in a non-partisan, technocratic, evidence-based way to improve public policies.
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Clean Air Network (CAN) Campaign To Be Kicked Off in Tuen Mun
The Clean Air Network (CAN) campaign, a joint initiative by HKUST IENV, would kick off in the district of Tuen Mun in collaboration with secondary schools in the district to explore the issue of air pollution.