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To learn science without boundaries
Prof. King CHOW, Director of IPO, along with CUHK School of Education Dr. Victor LAU, two secondary school teachers and three high school winners of the International Biology Olympiad who were trained by them, shared how important it is to stimulate youngsters’ interest in science and learning, instead of just merely training their skills for the purpose of obtaining good grades.
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If Hong Kong protesters have a dream, they need their own Martin Luther King to realise it
Article by Prof. Michael EDESESS, Adjunct Associate Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability at South China Morning Post
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Let's make start toward cleaner society
Article by Prof. Kira MATUS , Associate Head of Division of Public Policy at The Standard
Let's get going on road to cleaner air
Editorial by Prof. Alexis LAU, Associate Director of Institute for the Environment at The Standard
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What should be done to tackle the world's plastic waste?
Prof. Ye QI , Director of Institute for Public Policy shared his insights about the plastic waste issue in China in an interview about how to tackle the world’s plastic waste, saying China is doing the right thing to ban garbage import from other countries.
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China is embracing green tech to clean up its polluted cities
Prof. Christine LOH, Chief Development Strategist of Division of Environment and Sustainability shared her observations in an article about China’s green technology, saying that there are a growing number of e-buses, e-vans and e-taxis all over the Pearl River Delta.
Could psychology have helped Carrie Lam avoid Hong Kong’s extradition bill fiasco?
Article by Prof. Donald LOW, Director of Leadership and Public Policy Programme at South China Morning Post
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Future Survivability of Heat Waves in South Asia
Prof. Eun Soon IM, Assistant Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability – who took part in MIT’s study on future survivability of heat waves in South Asia – commented on the heat waves in India, saying we are facing an upper limit on human heat tolerance if we continue to produce the greenhouse gases at the current pace.
HKUST New App (PRAISE-HK) is launched!
HKUST Institute for the Environment today launched a new mobile app that aims to help users reduce their exposure to outdoor air pollution.
Hong Kong Economic Journal
EPD Will Deploy New Sensor Developed by IENV to Monitor Vessel Emissions
The Institute for the Environment (IENV) developed a new senor system for real-time measurement of vessel emissions to help the enforcement of the tightened Air Pollution Control (Fuel for Vessels) Regulation.