Photo Credit: Hrayr Movsisyan
Infinite Possibility With Smart City
Director of GREAT Smart Cities Institute Prof. Hong LO was interviewed on RTHK’s program Under the Sun on the concept of smart city and the approaches to achieve it, while Director of HKUST-DT System and Media Lab (SyMLab) and BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Affiliated Faculty Prof. Pan HUI talked about application of AR technology in teaching and real life in the same program.
Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann
PRAISE-HK Soon To Provide More Data on Exposure To Air Pollutants
Head of Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Alexis LAU said PRAISE-HK – a mobile app he developed that provides real-time information on air quality and health risk down to street level, will soon be able to provide data on exposure to air pollutants and be able to suggest a suitable route for users to mitigate health risk.
Photo Credit: Ferdinand Feng
Local Finance Talents Need To Familiarize With Country's Environmental Policies
Chief Development Strategist Prof. Christine LOH from Division of Environment and Sustainability said in a green finance forum that local finance talents need to familiarize with China’s environmental policies to play a part in the country’s development.
Photo Credit: Mohamed Hassan
Germagic Products at the Tokyo Olympics
Various products of the new smart anti-microbial coating Germagic developed by a team led by Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. YEUNG King-Lun and Adjunct Prof. Joseph KWAN were distributed to Hong Kong’s Olympic athlete team members to keep them safe in Japan.
Photo Credit: Wei Zhu
A Lesson from China's Social & Economic Development
Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist Prof. Christine LOH wrote an article on how China’s successful social and economic development could be a lesson learnt for other countries.
Photo Credit: Couleur
Role Model No More: Why COVID Is Spreading In Asia
In an article on the recent rapid rise in COVID-19 confirmed cases in Asia, Prof. Donald LOW from Division of Public Policy attributed the rise to the lack of a fast and comprehensive vaccination campaign in Asian countries. He said for example, Singapore, has only been able to vaccinate half of its population.
Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann
China's Economic Revival Has Receded
Prof. Albert PARK from Division of Public Policy said in an interview that according to the latest figures of China’s GDP growth, the country’s economic revival has receded and slowed down.
Photo Credit: HK01
EVMT Graduate as a Sustainability Professional
Samantha, a graduate from Environment Management and Technology Programme (EVMT), shared how the learning path at EVMT, combining business, economics, environment protection, and sustainable development, allowed her to explore more career opportunities. Thanks to the generous internship and entrepreneurship opportunities, HKUST students are getting a head start on career development.
Photo Credit: Nika Akin
Collaboration for Government’s Clean Air Plan for HK 2035
Head of Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Alexis LAU commented on the Government’s Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong 2035 in a TV interview, saying Hong Kong and Mainland should collaborate to reduce emission of volatile organic compounds which could lead to ozone formation.
Photo Credit: Pixabay
Why Hong Kong needs to start planning for an era of climate refugees
A 2018 research led by Division of Environment and Sustainability Prof. Jimmy FUNG was mentioned in a column article on climate change, saying without significant adaptation measures, a sudden-onset flood event before 2100 can be expected to cause up to 1.5 million internal displacement in the region.