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EPD Will Deploy New Sensor Developed by IENV to Monitor Vessel Emissions
The Institute for the Environment (IENV) developed a new senor system for real-time measurement of vessel emissions to help the enforcement of the tightened Air Pollution Control (Fuel for Vessels) Regulation.
  • Environment & Sustainability
"REMAKE" Promotes Reduction in E-waste
Angel OR, Year 2 student in Environmental Management and Technology Program, co-founded "REMAKE" to promote reduction in E-Waste and the Right to Repair by hosting bi-monthly Repair Parties.
  • Innovation & Technology
The Lumos Helmet - TIME's BEST Inventions 2018
The smart bicycle helmet Lumos, co-created by Jeff CHEN, alumnus of Dual Degree Program of Technology & Management, and Mr Eu-wen DING, was selected as one of the Best Inventions of 2018 by TIME magazine.
Photo Credit: HK01
  • Student Bonding & Development
Space-Out Helps You!
CHAN Kai Ho, Hercules, a year 4 RMBI student of has won the Champion of International Space-Out Competition in Taipei.
Photo Credit: Pixabay
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Business & Economy
In an article on HK’s plan to develop into an international green technology and financial center as announced in the 2023-24 Budget, a study by Prof. Keith CHAN, Assistant Professor of the Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR), showed that investors can evaluate whether a technology is mature in market with the “Green Finance Taxonomy”.
Photo Credit: Unsplash
  • Public Policy
Easing the housing burden
In an article on the HK government's Light Public Housing program for low-income families, Prof. Christine LOH, Chief Development Strategist of the Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR), was quoted as saying that reusing a portion of current housing resources in a cost-efficient way is a promising solution.
Photo Credit: Pixabay
  • Public Policy
China's Belt and Road Initiative to pursue 'small but beautiful' projects as strategy turns 10
In an article on China’s likelihood to push forward smaller, less risky and more profitable trade-linked infrastructure projects overseas under the Belt and Road Initiative, Prof. Naubahar SHARIF, Acting Head and Professor of the Division of Public Policy (PPOL), was quoted as saying that the projects of this scale – possibly led by a private firm or a provincial government-owned company – would allow local governments in China, including HK and Macau, to play bigger roles in the Belt and Road Initiative.
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  • Public Policy
Why Hong Kong’s ‘political taboos’ shouldn’t hinder an independent pandemic inquiry
In an article by Prof. Donald LOW, Senior Lecturer of the Division of Public Policy (PPOL), he explained why it is necessary and helpful to have an independent inquiry into the government’s handling of Covid-19.