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How do we protect our personal data in the tech era?
Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, Co-director from Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management wrote an article on protection of personal data in the tech era.
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Decline in South Korea's Population Growth
Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN from Division of Public Policy commented in an article on South Korea’s population change, saying the low birth rate has led to a decline in population growth and insufficient labor force, and may impact the country’s economic development. (Sina)
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Hong Kong’s axing from Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom rankings a gift that will keep on giving
An article co-written by Division of Public Policy Senior Lecturer Prof. Donald LOW on how Hong Kong should remake its economy and find a better balance state and markets, after its exclusion from the Index of Economic Freedom.
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South Korea Urged to Do More to Boost Fertility
Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN from Division of Public Policy commented in an article on the declining fertility rate of South Korea, saying the Korean government has spent an enormous amount of money trying to encourage women to have more children, but the birth rate is now worse because it ignored the bigger context of why people are not having children.
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What Does Falling Birthrate Mean for the Country’s Economic Growth?
Division of Public Policy Prof. Albert PARK shared his insights in an article on China’s birthrate, saying the country’s falling fertility rate will accelerate population aging, but China can address the growth challenges by different policies such as relaxing its immigration policy, extending retirement age, and establishing comprehensive healthcare and pension systems that support better health over the life cycle.
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Make Better Business Decisions
Prof. HUI Kai-Lung, Co-director of Dual Degree in Technology & Management, commented in an article about blockchain technology in secondhand luxury market, saying the more recognition a blockchain has from the companies, the more effective and credible it will be.
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To Democratize Vaccine Access, Democratize Production
An article co-written by Division of Public Policy Research Asst. Prof. Renu SINGH on how we could address the COVID-19 vaccine inequality by opening vaccine technology and assisting countries around the world to manufacture.

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Why are Hong Kong’s vital low-carbon policies missing from the budget?
Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist/ Adjunct Prof. Christine LOH wrote an article on the Budget, saying the government could have directed much more resources to decarbonisation.

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Hong Kong must take a leaf out of the European Union’s book to reduce waste
An article written by Rachel YU, a student from Division of Environment and Sustainability student, on Hong Kong’s waste management policy, she called on the society to reduce plastic waste and raise awareness of environmental protection through education.
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Can China meet its ambitious decarbonization goals?
Division of Environment and Sustainability Chief Development Strategist Christine LOH commented on China's 2060 carbon neutrality target in an interview, saying the decarbonization target "did not come out of the blue" and that it confirmed China’s paradigm shift from polluted "factory of the world" to clean, green producer of homegrown high-tech goods.